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Title:Need some help with a project ($$$ included)
Posted By:jtlarsh on August 4, 2017 IP Logged
Hey guys. Im about to embark on a project. I've been running a
series for quite a while and for next season we wanna move over
to the MENCS 17 mod. We sat down and figured all of the drivers
and cars. Now all we need is the cars either converted over or
painted. And that is where we need some help. I'm looking for
anybody who paints and enjoys painting, because we have a little
over 50 cars to do, but im looking to hire, so i'm willing to
pay yyou for your work on it. I will supply all of the carfiles
that need to be changed and the list of drivers and car numbers.
If you are interested shoot me a email at jtlarsh@gmail.com.
Thank you.
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