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Posted By:aanewcombe on August 3, 2017 IP Logged
On 8/1/2017 1:12:26 PM, AC_Delco wrote:
likely but what if I did win the last 5
races..... still can't make it in?

>I mean, I have 2 jobs, work 80 hours a
week and have a 6 month old. Could I have
a little leeway?

Hey man, I completely understand.
unfortunately everyone that has been
eliminated so far is due to not having
enough required attempts. See the
following on the Official rules link:

"* Playoffs
The playoff field will consist of 10
pickers. Wins during the regular season
will count towards making the playoffs and
seeding. Like in NASCAR, if there is
a case where less than 10 pickers have
wins, it will be decided by points. This
goes for tiebreakers as well. Pickers
must make 13 attempts (half of the
regular season) to be eligible for the
During the playoffs, 2
pickers will be eliminated every 3
races/rounds. The race at Homestead will
consist of 4 pickers with the Champion
being crowned based solely on the winner

The current update is under the assumption
that 13 starts are made for those still
mathematically eligible. Those with a (*)
next to their starts still need
the required number of picks to officially
be in.

This is essentially the Top 30 rule that's
used in the Cup Series, for the sake of
reference. Using an example, if only 9
pickers had wins going into
Richmond, and "harvickfan4" makes their
first start that week and gets a win, it's
perhaps not fair for someone to make the
Chase with 1 start versus someone
who has picked in every race all year. I
hope that makes sense.

I have no problem working with someone if
they had to use a mulligan driver for a
few weeks, but I don't want to stray from
the rules that were posted in
February. I just want to make sure
everyone is aware of this moving forward.
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