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Title:RE: Car Packs
Posted By:tenderman65 on July 24, 2017 IP Logged
On 7/24/2017 2:34:19 AM, TolsmaDesigns wrote:
>I'm currently developing a decently large car pack. (30
>Now, I know there is a whole thing about adding stats and
>like that, but I'm not quite sure how all that works. As
>I'm fairly curious, should I do anything in particular to
>the car pack a "separate series?" I've never really done
>anything like this, just have made some schemes here and
>(The car pack I'm making is for the Bullring Gen 6 mod.)

By stats and stuff, are you referring to ratings? If so,
get NRatings and once you've finished your set, try to see
if you can separate your cars into tiers of performance
(Top contenders, front runners, mid-pack, lower pack, start
and parks, etc.). With NRatings it's easy to copy and paste
ratings from car to car.

Now as for particulars or potential for a separate series,
this is the fun of making a fictional set. You can base
this on something real or make up everything as you go. The
only limits are the ones you put on yourself.

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