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Title:RE: Low Quality Content
Posted By:Stormblast44 on July 23, 2017 IP Logged
On 7/23/2017 12:31:05 AM, Stormblast44 wrote:
>On 7/21/2017 5:43:00 PM, KahneRacing945 wrote:
>>On 7/21/2017 1:56:53 PM, 38Cassill38
>>>Has there just been an influx of 10 year
>>olds on this site? Honestly, there's so
>>much awful work being uploaded here that
>>it's waste of disk space. People need to
>>realize that making stuff slapdash for
>>downloads doesn't help anyone. This
>>doesn't go for everyone, however there are
>>a select few here that think they can get
>>away with putting lines on default
>>templates on MS Paint.
>>>Slow down and make your cars download-
>While I agree the maturity level of some new users
>clearly shows their age, I think it's important to
>remember a few things. First, the game is essentially
>years old. The mods that are out now, the resolutions,
>the computers we all have now that handle fps better
>allowing more detailed gameplay, etc, has really
>exposed flaws in paints far more than they used to.
>a lot of crap has been posted here, but a lot of newer
>guys who may not be perfect are posting cars a lot
>better than the beginners of 10+ years ago. Also, there
>are probably only 20% of the sites for nr2003 that there
>used to be, and a lot of the really really talented
>over the years stopped for one reason or another. In
>personal case, I use psp7 (obviously old) on a 10 year
>old junk computer, and was never that good anyway. I
>can't use numbers from BER cause they won't load in
>psp, I'm sure there's ways around it but I stopped trying
>to keep up with computers 10 years ago, I'm not even
>sure how my iPhone works. I remember when people
>used to say if you don't like it don't download it, people
>share with the public whatever they want, you never
>know who might want something. Basically what I'm
>trying to say is quality is a dime a dozen. We should be
>thankful we even get full carssets anymore. And a
>shoutout to Robo, he's a true artist, not many left do
>fictional work of his quality.

Oh and ps Cassil, your work is very high quality I do
enjoy and download it, but did you seriously refer to
Landon Cassil as "bae" in your last post? Who's 10
years old now?
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