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Title:RE: xfinity Cars?
Posted By:tenderman65 on April 21, 2017 IP Logged
On 4/20/2017 8:47:57 PM, sabres123fan wrote:
>On 4/19/2017 10:03:20 PM, Oreius wrote:
>>On 4/19/2017 6:55:36 PM, nobrakes wrote:
>>>Where is a good site for xfinity cars?
>>Here as well as Sim Racing Design.
>>One thing I don't get, they released the
>>2017 Xfinity MOD and yet no cars. It's
>>yeah cool a new mod and then...oh wait you
>>can't do nothing with it cause there are
>>It would be like if back in the day
>>and Sierra released NR2003 but no MOD on
>>kindof useless.
>They didn't release a carset officially
>with the mod for whatever reason, even
>though it looks like plenty of people at
>Sim Racing Design have their own carset
>they're using. They aren't posting it for
>download, and while they can do whatever tf
>they want with cars they created, you'd
>think they'd post it for the whole
>community to use but apparently not. Until
>then we have to get cars one by one as
>people post them at various sites. I'd
>check Stunod Racing as well, but many of
>the '17 cars that are posted over there
>have also been posted here.

Attitudes like yours are why people think this community
is going down the drain.

The templates weren't made public until a couple days
before the mod's release. Not everyone that worked on that
mod is a painter and not everyone has a long string of
free time to paint a set for launch day.

The ONLY sets of cars I've seen have been done by
Canadienhits, who said he doesn't want to release his cars
since the SRD paint crew is plugging away at it, and as I
just referenced, the SRD paint crew. I'm sure Games123
will eventually get around to it too. But until then, get
off whatever high horse or soapbox you think you're on and
be grateful anyone's even remotely making anything.
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