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Title:RE: What cars should i make?
Posted By:the1andonlyIKY on April 6, 2017 IP Logged
Do you have a preference yourself?

I currently only really you the BR15 cars.
It would be awesome to have every BR15
scheme ever used available. That might
take a lot of coordinating between
community artist members tho. Run into
plenty of doubled schemes currently.

(NOTE: By every scheme, I mean in a
general sense. For example, most of AJ
Allmendinger's schemes from last year used
the same template, and in general I
consider that to be all one "scheme".
There were WAY too many of those, in my

Not sure I've seen Chase Elliot's
SunEnergy or Hooters schemes yet, and JR
just had a Phillidelphia Eagles scheme
announced and shown. Since he's a big
Washington Redskins fan (which made that
announcement quite hilarious) it would
also be cool to see a fictional Redskins
scheme for him based on the same concept.
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