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Title:Sad Days/More Problems
Posted By:the1andonlyIKY on March 19, 2017 IP Logged
Didn't get to post about this right away as I've had a busy
Last week (I think) I was playing NR2003 and all was well,
however I felt like my computer was being a little slow, so I
finished what I was doing and restarted my computer. Upon
trying to reboot, my computer said my boot command was damaged
or something like that. Long story short - I ended up having
to download (via another computer) the Windows 10 installation
code to a USB drive and do a little thing with said drive
plugged in to fix the issue and be able to use my computer
again. So that's all well (I think). However, now my NR2003
crashes when I press "DRIVE", and I'm unsure what to do or
what I need to go and change again that may have been
overwritten to defaults when I fixed my computer. Any help or

I've already checked the "Secure Boot" function and the
"cmdedit.exe" in the command prompt.
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