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Title:Las Vegas / Charlotte / New Hampshire
Posted By:j24davis on March 7, 2017 IP Logged
My theory about the potential shuffling to the Cup schedule in 2018...
Las Vegas gets a 2nd date, replacing New Hampshire in the Chase / Playoffs.
Charlotte uses its infield road course in the Playoffs.

On 3/6/2017 5:01:47 PM, Joe53 wrote:
>Rumor is Las Vegas will get a second race date in the fall, meaning one of SMI tracks will lose a race, or a big shuffle of race dates.
>Atlanta: One February Date
>Bristol: Doubtful they will give up the night race date
>Charlotte: Possible, give Vegas a Playoff Race
>Texas: I feel Texas is pretty safe where it is
>New Hampshire: Let's be honest, likely to lose it's Playoff Race
>Sonoma: Summer only
>Kentucky: Only 1 race date.
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