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Title:RE: Car Blurring Issue
Posted By:the1andonlyIKY on March 3, 2017 IP Logged
On 3/3/2017 4:22:48 PM, sabres123fan
>On 3/3/2017 1:04:25 PM, the1andonlyIKY
>>On 3/3/2017 12:56:43 PM, Stormblast44
>>>Certain downloaded cars are higher
>>>resolution than others are, so thats
>>>possibility. Also, certain downloaded
>>>tracks sometimes dont have the user car
>>>high of a revolution as others. If its
>>>only for some tracks, its probably the
>>>track. If its all the time, its
>>>the car. To my knowledge thers no real
>>>to change it.
>>Well, I've mostly been playing
>Championship seasons using a combination
>default and
>>downloaded tracks and the BR15 car mod.
>For said seasons, I've been using the
>>since I downloaded my game here on my
>computer. Was clear as crystal 'til that
>>issue i talked about above.
>Double check your graphics settings,
>occasionally they'll reset to default for
>what seems like no apparent reason.

I did indeed google stuff to tweak it and
have. Changing the TextureSetSize in the
rend.ini seems to have fixed the graphics
issue. Unfortunately, now my FPS have
taken a hit and are the lowest theyve been
on this computer. Dang... It's still very
tolerable, but it's disappointing
On my old laptop (a Toshiba from 2010), I
was lucky to get 30-60 fps with low
graphics settings and many cars on the
track. When I first started playing on
this new laptop, it had been 100-120
constant, and very rarely would you see it
flash down to the high 90s for a sec. Then
I was adding stuff and did something and
that dropped, but was still almost always
60-80. Now it seems do be 30-60 with rare
drops to under 30.
Maybe I'll eventually find a tweak or fix
to keep it beautiful and at least 60 fps -
That's the mark I'd like to hit.
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