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Title:Car Blurring Issue
Posted By:the1andonlyIKY on March 2, 2017 IP Logged
Unrelated Preface: Hey, Hi, Hello! I've been coming to this site for a while
for car designs and such for NR2003 - You car artists do a great job! My greedy
self just wishes there was more, more, more! Haha. - I just now made an account
to post about this issue I recently encountered.


The other day, I downloaded a few more CAR paint scheme files and installed
them into the correct folder. (If, relevant, my computer had been running for
an extended period and was uploading a video to YouTube at the time). I then
booted up NR2003, and immediately a black screen with (I want to say) "DirectX"
and some code popped up for about half a second to a second, and then the intro
started as normal. An error message may have popped up...I don't remember. But
after that the game seemed to be normal and there has been nothing that I've
noticed changed EXCEPT: Upon jumping into an event, I found that the rear of my
car is blurry as hell. Not the model itself, but the words and/or decals. (It
could be like this on the rest of the car too, but it is either most or only
noticeable on the rear - I use the "Chase" camera angle). It's really weird
because it's only my car; All other cars are crisp and clean as normal, as is
mine if viewed in the replay booth.
I thought maybe this issue would resolve itself upon restart of the program,
but no sir.

Has anyone run into an issue such as this and/or have any thoughts on fixing
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