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Posted By:Denny Hoffmann on March 28, 2000 IP Logged
Kudos on a nice layout..feels a bit cleaner in here ..more ways than one.
On this "Heat"vs N4,personally I'm rooting for Heat.It has a good look to it,the screenshots are still miles ahead of what the old n4 screenshots looked like.Still The sim doesnt exist on graphics alone..it will be the Ai and physics that make or break it.Not to mention the feel of a race weekend,and the race.
From the things I heard from former employees at papyrus...I dont think thay will have the juevos to compete.They may show something special at E3,but the final product will be lacking.From what I heard he story behind the gpl engine..wasnt about technology{still cant believe people fall for that one}it had to do with the lack of money to pay the people to convert it for nascar,and the cycle of having to produce a sim/game.
Its all in the coding of the sim on how well it runs..as most know papy had no pressure..people still bought the revamped package..which kids still dates back to the original indy500{pre indycar}.
Lets just hope that whatever happens..we get we finally get a sim that feels like nascar.
My 2cents
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