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Title:N3 Technical Track Questions
Posted By:Udo on March 28, 2000 IP Logged
I have been using the beta patches by Papy for N3 and have a few questions. First, it seems you are limited to 60 tracks. I have tried to add more (from Nascar Legends and Night Patched tracks and such) but it seems you are limited to 60. Anyone else have this problem? Just wondering for when CTS comes out. Plus, I have put Hickory and Flemington from my N99 game to N3. I have a very good system (K6-3 450 and Voodoo3) but it seems like the tracks around the same turn on both tracks are nto comlpetely drawn ahead even though I have my options maxed out at 6. I don't think it is a system problem because my machine can run anything just fine. Any thought? Limitation of the N99 tracks maybe? Those two tracks are awesome, especially Flemington. I can live without the groove but does anyone know how to add the groove to these tracks? Thanks, sorry so long a message.
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