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Title:RE: Alex, I like your ideas about my ideas.
Posted By:TomM on March 27, 2000 IP Logged
1:Alex and I talked about this before the site was even completed.

2:This site will always be moderated.If not by me then by Alex or someone else.

3:Will probably never happen. You already have the ability now to send private messages.

4:The IP's of members and guests should not be a concern of yours. We know what they are and that's all that matters. A guests post does not get posted unless one of us approve the post anyway.

5:We hope this will never happen here. A person will be givin another chance if they have broken the rules here. If it continues they will lose their priveledge to post for a while. And then if it continues they will be banned. So you see it will take a great deal to get banned from here.

I hope this satisfies everything you needed to know about this site..

On 3/27/00 6:01:47 PM, Randy G wrote:
>Thanx for commenting on my ideas (members, look below). Here's my responses to your response.
>1. HTML - make it so only members can use it. And if we do post pics, they only post a certain size. At the very least simple URL linking would be cool.
>2. How about a notice on the page that would let us know when you or the moderators are on?
>3. What about an instant message feature, kinda like on Yahoo clubs? This is provided you do the feature listing how many members are on at the moment. Of course, you'd have to list who's on also.
>4. How about listing IPs for guest posts? If they join, then it gets hidden, kinda like right now.
>5. And my last suggestion: a listing of all the members who get banned, should that ever happen. Just something simple, like name and a short reason for the banning.
>Whatever you do decide to implement, the site is cool as it is!
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