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Posted By:LFJason on March 27, 2000 IP Logged
I predict that with the release of Nascar Heat by BlueFang/Hasbro Papy will do a Sierra Job (crappy) on N4 and hurry up and release it before or after Nascar Heat is released. I also have heard that late this year RatBag will be doing a stock car ashpalt game. Same game engine but with stock cars on asphalt. If EA were smart they would release a SCGT2 and a Nascar Sim (yes, I said Sim) off of the SCGT game engine. They just need to add visible damage and they have a hit! Plus with the releases of Leadfoot and DTR Sprints in April this years gaming market will be more competitive than ever.
Oh yeah NFS Motor City will be coming out. :)

A couple of things I've heard,
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