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Title: NR2002 Pacecars???
Posted By:Bare52 on March 4, 2002 IP Logged
On 3/3/2002 2:24:44 PM, fastandflames wrote:
>Ok, so how do we put a new pacecar in if the .mip file isn't there to replace it with???

O.K. First, go to the Pits and download Makedat.exe. This zip file contains the datx.exe and the makedat.exe. Using datx.exe unpack the cup.dat and then copy your new pacecar.mip file into the folder. Now using makedat.exe pack the cup.dat file. Never use the original file, make a copy just in case.

Now here is one for you. How did you paint a new pacecar without the pacecar.mip file? The Sim's pacecars are all different and will not work with each other.

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