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Title: ssnet killed painting?
Posted By:Smoke_20 on October 19, 2007 IP Logged
Just wondering, how come sim painting has come to a stop following the release of the ssnet mod? Team sbr hasn't updated anything since the 12th, neither has masgrafx and virtually no one has done any 2008 rides outside of Jr and Kahne. Normally, these cars are out as soon as they come out. Remember all those Harvick cars that came ou with the first bland paint scheme? BTW, I'm watching qualifying right now and I pulled up both Dan's mod and the ss net mod to look at alongside the actual cars and Dan's car is much closer than ssnet. I'm like Cynon and a few other members here, not sure what the big deal is with ss net, it's a pretty mediocre mod. Anyone else have any ideas as to why painting has decreased recently?
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