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Title:Zen Joltis Fix posted
Posted By:longlive#3 on January 25, 2002 IP Logged
I just posted a Zen Joltis fix i made. the file changes alot of things.. 8 to be exact:

1) Changed Pace Speed Limit (yellow flags, start, etc) to 150mph
2) Changed AI Pacing distance (pacing distance) to 1.5
3) Changed AI Bunching Distance (bunching for start/restart) to 1.25
4) Changed AI Drafting Distance (drafting.. duh!) to 1.20
5) Changed Pit Road Speed Limit (speed limit in pits) to 70mph
6) Added a Pit Wall (I hate getting blackflagged for entering the pits in a crash)
7) Changed Location Of Track From "Nowhere, Nostate" to "New York City, New York"
8) Changed AI Wall Offset (collision sensitivity) to 75

You can download it here
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