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Title:Zenjoltis AI fix due out on Wednesday...
Posted By:- BlackIce - on January 14, 2002 IP Logged
I am making a Zenjoltis AI fix which should fix some of the problems on pit road and make the cars more competitive throughout the race. From what I have done so far it looks like its going in the right direction. The cars race competitively throughout the whole race and they even bump draft which is fun as hell to watch. If I had to compare this AI fix to any real track racing it would be the old Daytona as the cars are like a big train for the whole race. Also, the pit problems have been about 80-90% fixed...I ran a 20 lap race with 40 cars, they race competitively throughout the whole time on the track. When they pitted only one car was bumped into the grass but all involved immediately slowed down and got back onto pit road with no damages. The only problem im seeing is the wrecks, there is too many of em. In a 20 lap race their were 2 cautions both caused by the AI and a miscommunication glitch. I have worked on that and that is almost fixed. I hope to get this released on Wednesday of this week.

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