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Title: Trust ME : Ginn Racing is for JR. (IMO)
Posted By:Stormblast44 on May 15, 2007 IP Logged
On 5/14/2007 11:31:29 PM, Jersey Devil wrote:
>With everyone reporting that Earnhardt Jr. "will go to Hendrick's #25 car" or "will drive for Bobby Ginn", I may end up being the smartest guy here. MY sources (common sense) tells me that he will drive a red and black #33 Budweiser Chevrolet Impala SS for Richard Childress Racing starting with the 2008 season. The paint scheme will be the same as his father's Coca-Cola car that he raced in the 1998 Japanese exhibition race.

Yea, i'll bet. If he goes to RCR, it would be the black goodwrench sponsored #3. I dont see that happening "next year" (maybe someday" Ginn racing is probably the most capable team in NASCAR right now. They have Hendrick Engines, and Bobby Ginn knows ALOT about NASCAR. It was in our local paper, saying that Ginn had purchased NASCAR simulators to help his drivers. He may have some crazy ideas, but Ginn and Jr. WOULD = a championship IMO
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