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Title:Zenjoltis... The greatest project ever for Papy nascar sims?
Posted By:Matt#38 on January 7, 2002 IP Logged
I've been around since Feb 98 in the N2 days when track editing was limited to changing the graphics of a track. Then in summer of 99 most of us that were "track editors" as we called ourselves learned how to edit banking. But we were still limited in what we could make because it had to come from an existing track. Making a whole new design of a track was just something beyond our ability. My hat is off to these guys that have made this. Absolutley incredible! I know the difficultly in making a track I'm really amazed at what they have been able to do. Kinda puts BB&B to shame. You guys are incredible ppl have waited a long time for a whole new track from scratch. This is an important day in the sim-community.

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