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Title: ^^^^ Dumbest Thing Ever ^^^^
Posted By:houston9388 on January 9, 2007 IP Logged
On 1/9/2007 6:43:32 PM, goocenn wrote:
>I think having to register for downloads is bogus anyway. Give us your email address so we can spam it, wait for an activation email, click this link to activate account, wait until you are "approved". Ain't no wonder people hot-link files. If they are "doing it for the community" then offer downloads with no strings attatched.

Thats the dumbest Thing I have ever Heard
They dont Spam your e-mails, if you dont like it than dont DL stuff from those site
Theres also a reason why u have to register to be a part of the sites if you didnt have to register u would have to scroll through a few pages of Spam before reading 1 post
and also the reson for activation is so that they can reduce the amount of Spam by deleting the suspicious email acounts
also so they can delete accounts with the same IP number/Address of Banned Members
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