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Title:importing graphics
Posted By:Andy on September 27, 2006 IP Logged
The cars I downloaded from here are really nice and crisp in the game, and look perfect. I however can't get mine looking that good.

I have been searching around and cant really find an explanation of how to get it in there with the high res, although i use a high res template when importing the file into the game it kinda craps out, the car looks fine in the preview but ends up looking junky while the others look perfect still. I was using the tga files and exporting it out of photoshop.

I am unsure if I am just not doing it completely right or if there is another way to get them in there with such high resolution. I have looked around and havent really gotten an answer on that one.

Any help will be much appreciated as im about ready to boil over trying to figure out how to keep the clarity of the image in the game like the guys here did with their carsets etc.

Thanks in advance to those who can help im sure its probably something simple just being overlooked I guess.
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