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Title:RE: need some n3 help
Posted By:Ace27 on June 24, 2001 IP Logged
On 6/24/2001 6:13:47 PM, IronHalo wrote:
>after months of N4 and gpl i find myself back in N3 to race the trucks. I need some help with the AI. at daytona i'm running in the 188mph range while i can only get the AI to muster up in the 177mph range. Hard to draft up and slingshot when they're goin that slow.How do i get the lap times of the AI to increase and where is the best AI to get. would like some 3 wide and aggressive driving. Also who makes the best Nashville Superspeedway for N3, how about truck setups, at Chicago AI is in the 160mph range and i'm struggling in the 125mph range. Anyone else have this problem with RCostin's Chicago. Sorry to see the amount of N3 sites dwindling. Any help and/or sites to go to would be appreciated.
>Thanks guys,

There's a line in your track text file that reads- RELST ### This is the percentage they run at, increase the value to speed them up. There's also a line that reads BLAPT ###, this is there qualifying time, do the same to speed them up or slow them down, half the feild will qualify above this time & half will qualify below it.
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