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Title:RE: Opinions please!!!
Posted By:ag on December 1, 2005 IP Logged

Well im only part done with the 07, ill try to post the real car when i post that one, i think chargers will take the place of all the cars since nobody knows where to get a celica or sunfire template,

On 12/1/2005 3:12:03 AM, AGRacing wrote:
>Heres two dash cars ive done so far, apparently using the tucknut template pontiac which i didnt do i just used it, i have credits i always feel i dont give enough charger template is from zone15, uh... the #07 is Larry Caudill's car from 2003 at Daytona and the 26 is the one from this year that Zach Brewer drove.. ill end up redoing it with the old pontiac so i dont have cup contigs on there please let me know what you think, im still hoping to find a celica template im pretty sure a sunfire doesnt exist but i can find things to make it work without it... probably chargers and old pontiacs will be in place of the sunfire, goodys dash set / now ISCARS im working on, pic attached
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