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Title:RE: A couple comments
Posted By:Alex Santantonio on March 26, 2000 IP Logged
Exactly the reasons I decided to put aside all of my school work (I'm a second semester senior with a job offer already, how much work can I really have?) and go full out into the design of the site. Thanks.

On 3/26/00 9:24:14 PM, 188 wrote:
> I have to say that you did a very nice job. The iteractivity and dynamics that this new layout has will be bringing a lot of people back. There is so much that this site can do now that people can upload their cars, setups, and replays, and other things so that they can give people enhancements for the game and the sim racing experience. Already in one day you can see how the negativity has changed. All those people that caused trouble on the board before are now afraid to have an e-mail attached to their name. They can no longer be 100% anonymous. It will be a friendly environment like it was when this was introduced in 1997. The sim community may clean up quite a bit now. Thanks man
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