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Title:Zack3158. Since June of 1997
Posted By:hckynut on April 16, 2001 IP Logged
On 4/16/2001 5:55:18 PM, Zack3158 wrote:
>i knew that was coming... anytime u ask a steering wheel question JJ the hckynut is sure to respond with his infamous TSW reply.. hehe.... JJ how long have you had that wheel? i know u got a couple of people to buy it back when Sim-Racing was around (now RD..)

Zack3158. Got my TSW back in 1997 and still have 2 of the 4 extra POTS(potentiometers)that came with it not used. I helped maybe 20 racers decide on buying a TSW Product that I know about. I've heard from this many after they got their wheel units. Some minor complaints about a few things, but everyone of them said the same thing the first time they drove with them. "WOW".

Haven't been to RD for several months now. Seems like they wanted to edit my replies and/or posts to suit what they wanted it to say and not what I actually replied and/or posted.
I may have some controversial opinions, but I never use foul language or purposely flame anyone. I was really disappointed and somewhat irritated that someone working for RD had the propensity to alter posts and/or replies.

J.J. THE (hckynut)
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