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Title:!!!Am I Stupid, Please help!!!
Posted By:88UPSfan4life on August 5, 2005 IP Logged
Can anyone tell me what in the heck am I doing wrong. I try to download these awesome paint schemes, when I do, my comp prompts me to "save" to a compressed folder. Then later "extract" all files. When I do, they come out saved as .cup file format, which my computer does not know what that is. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or if I am missing some program needed to use these schemes. I'm using them in papyrus 2003 racing. Which of course, only recognizes .TGA or .BMP files. WHAT THE HECK DOES THE .CUP EXTENTION MEAN? Go ahead laugh, I know I'm probaly dum. But help me anyways, Thx.
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