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Title: Download Reply
Posted By:hckynut on April 1, 2001 IP Logged
On 4/1/2001 4:14:40 PM, mgibson51 wrote:
>I have successfully downloaded several cars from the Pitwagon.com. Their files all end with .exe, and it's fairly automatic. But how do I get files that are .zip files to move into the sim?

mgibson51. Use an unzipping utility such as Winzip. Unzip them and see if there is a Readme File included on how to install them. MOst of them you put the car. file into the Nascar3 or N4 Cars Folder. Others sometimes want you to put them into the Sim Directory(N3/N4)and execute them from there. If you don't have a Zipping Utility go to Winzip.com and download their trial version on go to Twocows.com and download the Freezip Utility.

J.J. THE (hckynut)
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