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Title:88 League
Posted By:(SIR) PRO8Jr on February 23, 2005 IP Logged
Team SIR is looking for drivers interested in a free Monday night sereis. The series will be in the 88 mod and we will be running the schedule from 1987 season, and only cars that came with the 88mod. Server will be open at 7:00 pm centeral for practice and a short drivers meeting just before qaulifing at 8:30 and a 5 min happy hour before the race.

Setups: Open
Weather: Clear 70 degrees, no wind
Aids: Permitted
Cautions: ON

If you are interested you can sign up at mailto:pro8jr@teamsir.com
Please give your race name and the car number you would like with a alternate number incase the first choice is taken.
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