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Title:2004/2005 points system... PLEASE!?!
Posted By:angel morales on February 9, 2005 IP Logged
first off i would like to say thank you to all the great painters and editors out there who work soo much on NR2003. You guys are greatly appreciated with me. Ever since N4 when i was 18. Anyways, just recentlly i became computer literate with the game files and stuff, and i even learned o paint with PSP9, and the only thing missing from having a complete 2005 season is the new points system. Is it possible for someone to have done all the rule changes and everything for NR2003? Does anybody know were i can get them? I would just go out and buy Nascar Sim Racing but honestly... it sucks. Why are the graphics so cartoony??? Anyways thanks again guys.
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