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Title:RE: Word censor issue Alex
Posted By:colossus on March 26, 2000 IP Logged
On 3/26/00 6:53:34 PM, 46 wrote:
>ROTFLMAO, Oh my that is funny. I will have to work on that.
>On 3/26/00 6:43:21 PM, 138 wrote:
>>On 3/26/00 6:34:17 PM, 188 wrote:
>>>C o c k was sensored from c o c k pits in my reply topic. You may want to try and fix that unless drivers now drive in a schlongpit
>>what? you don't have a schlong installed in your game? I thought everyone did..hehe. this is something that i'am sure will be looked into. thanks for making us aware of this. *lol

actually, I unpacked the layout.dat and found a schlongpit.pcx ;)

BTW, I private messaged you Alex, and a question for you.

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