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2010 Sandra Orealia Carset (Fictional)
SOT Productions - 7/23/2023 - 14,286.3 kb - 240 User Downloads  
Posted By: SOT Productions  
The Fictional Carset of Sandra Orealia from the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season. Please note that it was made from scratch by me. Manufacter: Toyota Sponsors: Hostile Takeover Bank/Miss America Organization, Chia Pet, PBS Kids Driver: Sandra Orealia Number: 86 Team: Dupont-Johnson Motorsports
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Posted By: Matt Yeager  
@SOT Productions: Since you didn't make the template and the logos by yourself, you need to tell us who made them and/or where you found them. THIS is what is called "giving proper credits". You posted some bases you made a few days ago. Imagine I use one of them to paint a car and then I upload it on this website. I would have to write "base by SOT Productions" in the file description, in order to "give you credit" for your work.
Posted By: SOT Productions  
codkazuo, what do you mean by proper credits?
Posted By: Matt Yeager  
What about showing a screenshot, so we can see how it looks?
Posted By: codkazuo  
Nothing there is made from "scratch" start using proper credits or your account will be banned, we've been more than fair here already.
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