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Fictional Noodle & Doodle 500 Logos (for WinMip2 to go on to the Atlanta_revamped_night_2010
SOT Productions - 7/9/2023 - 689.4 kb - 222 User Downloads  
Posted By: SOT Productions  
Fake Noodle and Doodle 500 logos handmade by me, for the "Atlanta_revamped_night_2010" Track on Sandbox for NR2003. Replace Emory Healthcare 500 logos with the Noodle & Doodle 500 Logos made by me. URL for 2010 Atlanta Motor Speedway (Night Race): https://www.drnoisepaints.com/tracks/revampedreloaded/Atlanta_rev amped_night_2010.7z
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