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1995 Winston West Series Car Pack
BryceO84 - 1/11/2021 - 0.7 kb - 51 User Downloads  
Posted By: BryceO  
This car pack contains 12 cars that were driven during the 1995 Winston West season. These cars are for the Cup90 Mod, CTS physics. If combined with the 1995 Winston Cup set by psugorilla & CC#48, you will get a good sized roster of 27 cars. Credits and other information are in the Readme. Disclaimer: The cars in this set are not 100% accurate, and were made with the best reference material that was available to me. You can download the 1995 Winston Cup carset from here: http://stunodracing.net/index.php?r...ston-cup-version-2-0-carset-cts-physics.5133/
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