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danieleud1975 - 2/24/2020 - 1,549.3 kb - 280 User Downloads  
Posted By: danieleud1975  
Templates SRD/HunterRacing70/ME, Contigs Alan Harkleroad, Logos Google and Me, Render The Mod Squad, Numbers Ber, ratings and new box me.
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Posted By: danieleud1975  
Yes, in fact I noticed it only now that it is not aligned. Next days I settle it better. Thank you for your suggestion
Posted By: Nascar2011  
Looks pretty good, though I think you should practice getting the base to line up better as it goes between sections (like on the back corner of the hood and front bumper). Little things like that go a long way to make the paint scheme look like the real thing.
Posted By: danieleud1975  
Thank you. Great livery and great victory in daytona
Posted By: nnjatfp  
thanks for thegreat car that is beautiful you are very talented
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