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2013 IZOD Indycar Series Carset for DW12 Mod
jc23b - 10/30/2019 - 0.3 kb - 148 User Downloads  
Posted By: jc23b  
ncluding 329 cars from the 2013 season of the IZOD Indycar Series for the DW12 Mod, with all the paint schemes and drivers. -329 cars, with all the paint schemes and Road Course and Superspeedway chasis. -Rosters of the 19 races with their respective Paint Schemes Credits Mod: DW12 by Smiffsden Template: Smiffsden Bases: Me, Cynoon Numbers: Me,Big Evil Racing, Google Logos: Google,Big Evil Racing, Wayback Machine Helmets and pitcrew by me
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