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Tyler Tanner 2019 #65 Heritage Distilling/ Precharge Late Model(LMPV2) -Yakima Speedway Apple Cup
Rob478 - 6/27/2019 - 705.4 kb - 216 User Downloads  
Posted By: Rob478  
Haven't uploaded in quite some time but I'm back! Back im May, me and a friend made the 3 hour long haul trip to Yakima, and had a blast. it was super hot out, not to mention my first time being at Yakima speedway. interestingly enough, the track is right next to the freeway, and has no outer retaining walls at all. Tyler had a rough go in this with a DNF, pulling off roughly lap 60 with a bad vibration. Credits: Base: Me, Numbers: Jebrown, Precharge Logo: Bancroft Racing, Other Logos: Tyler's Facebook page, Google, Template: Racingrafix, Render: Darren Schier Sr. AKA Rogue On Stunod
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Posted By: ongias25  
Great work Rob. Thank You!
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