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2019 MENCS #15 Ross Chastain - FitStrong - Phoenix 1
brandonut99 - 5/17/2019 - 909.3 kb - 774 User Downloads  
Posted By: brandonut99  
My first attempt at making a number, don't judge me haha. Credits: Me (Base, paints, number), Splash N Go (temps), Premium Motorsports (logos, reference pics), Alan Harkleroad (contigs), eBay (signature)
Screen Shot:
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Posted By: speedball27  
Great paint. Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: bamaracing  
Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing
Posted By: brandonut99  
I noticed that, was my first attempt at a number and it looks a little pixelated when increased. Debating going back and fixing it aswell as the splitter, just don't know if its worthy of an update. And thanks so much!! If anyone has the burning desire that I update this, leave a comment and I'll fix it
Posted By: gonzocool  
The number could be a bit taller... other than that nice work thanks for sharing.
Posted By: brandonut99  
Sorry for lack of red splitter, I deleted the layer and was too lazy to copy one over
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