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2019 MENCS - Parker Kligerman - 96 - Talladega
speedball27 - 5/14/2019 - 977.2 kb - 870 User Downloads  
Posted By: speedball27  
Parker Kligerman's TRD car from Talladega. Credits: SNG/Big Evil - Mod & Template, Alan Harkleroad - Contigs, Google & Me - Logos, BER - Numbers, Me - Base & Paints, Parker Signature - Me, TMS - Render.
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Posted By: brandonut99  
No clue why I thought pklig was a rookie, got him confused with tifft. My apologies. But as for the rear logo it has the 40th anniversary text next to the TRD. Sorry to nitpick
Posted By: speedball27  
Go to Gaunt Brother's facebook page from THE race. No stripes, right logo. But I did intentionally put the wrong logo on his shirt to see if anyone would notice.
Posted By: brandonut99  
Not to be an asshole just wanted to give constructive criticism; it's missing the rookie stripes and has the incorrect rear logo. Only reason I noticed is because I was in the middle of painting when you uploaded haha. But looks awesome otherwise, great job
Posted By: bamaracing  
awesome job
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