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MENCS19 MBM Motorsports Kansas1
gonzocool - 5/12/2019 - 7,981.4 kb - 494 User Downloads  
Posted By: gonzocool  
Both MBM cars (#46,#66) from the Kansas Night race.... Template: SnG, Numbers: BER, Logos: Google, Renderscene: Burnout, Contigs: OneToughCustomer
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Posted By: psugorilla  
Really nice job on the 46 car. A couple of things about it though. The eternal fan logo was also on the decklid and your red isn't quite right. The color was actually the neon/dayGlo red. It should probably be a bit more orangish/pinkish. I actually wrapped the side skirts after practice. Otherwise the car looks darn near perfect. WELL DONE!!
Posted By: Italo Rapacci  
Nice job. Just a head up. Seems like you`re using 2018 temps on the `19 models. Try using `19 temps, they work better with the new model and shiny map.
Posted By: bamaracing  
Thanks for sharing
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