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danieleud1975 - 5/7/2019 - 1,356.7 kb - 308 User Downloads  
Posted By: danieleud1975  
Templates HunterRacing70/SimRacingDesign, Contigs Alan Harkleroad, Logos Google and Me, Render The Mod Squad, Numbers BER, Box I don't remember..I'm sorry
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Posted By: danieleud1975  
Thanks guy. So I started using this site only because the sharing procedure is faster and not to do so many duplications on the web. The cars and xfinity races are in my opinion more beautiful than the major series. And then I got passionate about playing and drawing now ... see you soon
Posted By: HendrickFan2018  
Love the love you give to the Xfinity series! Also, I remember you would upload to Stunod Racing, why don't you anymore?
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