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My First Carset (NR2002)
emanuel1996 - 4/24/2019 - 0.3 kb - 135 User Downloads  
Posted By: emanuel1996  
Hey, guys!!! Finally, here We are, with my first official carset! 43 cars are included in this carset, with a roster's name. Every car was done by me, with my hands and with GIMP 2. Each car has got names and only VEHICLE'S RATINGS. The other RATINGS are basic (40/60). In this download I will provide a screenshot of all the cars, and a .txt file with the link to download my carset. In the full download, there are two files: carset and TGAs. Yeah, I give You also the TGAs' files, If you want to modify some cars. I hope that all of You enjoy that, because I spent a lot of days for realizing It. I don't remember all the people to thank and to give credits for templates, contingencies and other things used for painting, but I want to do a general thing. A big thanks and credits to: NNRacing's community, Stunod Racing's community, Rubbins Racin', SRD's community, Jen Heagan, Rob Cage, Brian Simpson, Slippy's Paintshop, Team SBR, JCODesigns, Harris Decals, Unixtitan, in particular the NNRacing's user iam27paul and Google. If I have forgotten someone, don't blame me and say It in the comments!
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Posted By: emanuel1996  
Grazie, caro!
Posted By: danieleud1975  
Bravo!! Gran lavoro pure il tuo!! Puoi scrivermi qui anche per consigli o altro... http://www.simracingdesign.com/threads/daniel e-showroom.66105/page-18#post-863946
Posted By: emanuel1996  
Thanks a lot, man! Enjoy It!
Posted By: ongias25  
Awesome job! Thank You!
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