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2018 MENCS - Ross Chastain - 15 - Martinsville II
speedball27 - 1/7/2019 - 1,379.1 kb - 242 User Downloads  
Posted By: speedball27  
Ross Chastain's car from Martinsville II. Credits: SNG/BER - Mod & Template, Alan Harkleroad - Contigs, Google & me - Logos, BER - Numbers, Me - Base & Paints, TMS - Render.
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Posted By: radney  
Hope this helps. https://www.mrn.com/2018/10/28/martinsville- paint-schemes-first-data-500/
Posted By: speedball27  
radney, I started, but just not enough photos or info to go from. I scratched out a fictional version tho . . .
Posted By: radney  
Can you do Hermie Sadler's car from the same race?
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