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#30 Tide and #31 Lowes Fictional Pack
Stormblast44 - 1/4/2019 - 2,846.3 kb - 239 User Downloads  
Posted By: Stormblast44  
Made a fictional pack, thought is these would be team cars. Besides I always wanted to see Lowes on the 31 again, and now that both the 30 and 31 are open numbers it works. (i know rcr will probably still run the 31 this year with reddick) Credits for both cars belong to Bill1947 temp, bases rah (edited), #30 number from racingrafix? #31 number from team sbr, logos for both from Rah, google, racingrafix and BOTW. Renders from TMS. Cars are both .tga in a .rar pack. Not sure why the grilles mess up in the renders, look fine in game. Also theyre on a MENCS18 temp but they seem to import to the 19 mod well. To each their own. Enjoy.
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