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Fictional #60 Dallas Cowboys Car MECS18
NNR2019 - 12/24/2018 - 2,759.8 kb - 109 User Downloads  
Posted By: NNR2019  
Fictional Car for the Dallas Cowboys, America's Team! Logos and Numbers: Google, Template: SRB Racing, Model: The Mod Squad.
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Posted By: WingaDinga  
This is the Cowboys, not the Stars. Other than that, this is pretty good!
Posted By: jrkanaan  
despite the many mistakes you made its not that bad of a scheme just make sure next time to turn off wiremesh and add rear and front numbers. good scheme.
Posted By: frow78  
The wireframe (little white lines all over the car) was left on- it is common painting practice to turn that layer off. Nice paint.
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