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2018 MENCS - Aric Almirola - 10 - Darlington
speedball27 - 11/6/2018 - 1,334.6 kb - 392 User Downloads  
Posted By: speedball27  
Aric Almirola's car from Darlington. Credits: SNG/BER - Mod & Template, Alan Harkleroad - Contigs, Google & me - Logos, BER - Numbers, Base & Paints - Me, TMS - Render.
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Posted By: nnjatfp  
THESE ARE THE CARS THAT ARE DONE BUT IT ISNT UP TO DATE https://nr2k3.weebly.com/2018-cup-mencs18.html
Posted By: speedball27  
Hellfire463 I believe the 21 car is on this site and the 15 Chastain car can be downloaded at stunodracing.net.
Posted By: HELLFIRE463  
Awesome job amazing work. any chance you could do Ross Chastain's #15, Paul Menard's Darlington throwback from Darlington please there the last two cars left for the full field.
Posted By: SimRacer48  
Awesome job!
Posted By: ongias25  
Agree,great job. Thank You!
Posted By: Jakub Smetana  
Another great car! Keep it up. You have a talent.
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