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jrp61356 - 9/15/2018 - 7,994.4 kb - 940 User Downloads  
Posted By: jrp61356  
First of my 2018 CoY carset. Includes the #00 VRX Chevrolet, #1 GearWrench Chevrolet, #2 Discount Tire Ford, #3 American Ethanol Chevrolet, #4 Jimmy Johns Ford, #6 Performance Plus Ford, #7 GoDaddy Chevrolet, and #9 NAPA Chevrolet. CREDITS: Abuchl (logos, driver signatures, numbers), Alan Harkleroad (contingencies), AntiGordo (bases), Big Evil (numbers), Bill1947 (Camaro lights and grilles, Toyota lights and grilles, logos), Bill's Place (numbers), Brisingr (logos), BurtonBraves (logos), CheckerMC (B-pillar contigs), DeadPool (bases, logos), EHG (logos), Fosterick (B-pillar contigs), Google (logos), Jayski (images), Jeeble (numbers), Jeff14124 (bases), JMurray (bases), Justin Steltzer (logos), Lurn2Burn (templates, logos), MasGrafx (logos, numbers), Mod Squad (renders), NDG (logos), NRatings (ratings), Outlaw Gamerz (logos), Racin' Grafx (logos), RAH (bases, contingencies, B-pillar contigs, logos, numbers), RPD (bases, logos), SDG (bases, driver names, driver banners, numbers), SRD (bases, logos), Sousa (logos), Stunod (logos), TBRFan36 (logos), and WVUFan01 (numbers). As always, zip file includes full-size renders of each car. Enjoy...
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Posted By: ongias25  
Look forward to these every year. Thank you so much for doing these!
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