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#14 Clint Bowyer Rush / Cummins Bristol & Talladega
Italo Rapacci - 8/3/2018 - 2,422.5 kb - 623 User Downloads  
Posted By: Italo Rapacci  
Scheme set to run on both Bristol and Talladega events later this year. File comes with ratigs, suit, crew and both SW and SS versions. Thanks Nick Baker for the #s. PM me if you want the 4k versions, those were too big to upload straight here.
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User Comments:
Posted By: Italo Rapacci  
that's unfortunate, to say the least. spent quite some time on the grill setup based on past events at Bristol LOL
Posted By: mtblillie29  
I believe this is the Talladega Scheme only. The bristol scheme is just the Rush Truck Center scheme with Cummins on the QPs. Awesome job!
Posted By: tenderman65  
Thanks, that linked worked just fine.
Posted By: Italo Rapacci  
just downloaded it and had no problems. try this link https://www.4shared.com/zip/XRe6ZOK9fi/BowyerR ush.html?
Posted By: tenderman65  
Awesome job on this car but for some reason my computer says the RAR file is corrupted.
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