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Evergreen Speedway Night 2018(NEW TRACK)
Rob478 - 7/9/2018 - 0.3 kb - 348 User Downloads  
Posted By: Rob478  
Since Evergreen was made for NR2003 from Project Wildfire and J.R. Franklin, Evergreen has undergone a massive face lift. So we all did our best to give it the 2018 feel and enhancement feel What was done from J.R. Franklin's edits compaired to the 2018 enhancements 1. New Pavement 2. Updated wall stripes from red and white to white and blue 3. Updated scoring board and signage 4. Added Backstretch Opening 5. Updated Sky MIP From John Norton (Not What Is Seen In The Scrrenshots)
Screen Shot:
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Posted By: the1andonlyIKY  
Track details? Length? # of entries allowed?
Posted By: frow78  
Awesome work on the track! Evergreen PWF was definitely getting old, LOL.
Posted By: Rob478  
here is the updated evergreen! the crashing issue has been fixed as an f section was needed in the wall opening are off of 2 so the game crashing is no more! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wHniqBJWpYrF6Q0AuCIO6z5HH7s8_O7j/view?usp=sharing
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