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ASCA Pennzoil Pro Series S4 Complete Carset
XuticX - 6/28/2018 - 0.1 kb - 206 User Downloads  
Posted By: XuticX  
It's been just past a year since I released my last carset, and this time I'm back for season 4! This is my entire carset that was used in the making of the Pennzoil Pro Series in the league's fourth season. 287 paints in total! Just like last season, due to the enormous size of this car pack, the real download is from media fire. You can get the link from the download here. If you want to see each car individually, most of them are shown off in a paint compilation on youtube. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i698MiKGD3E. ENJOY! Credits: Google Images - Logos and numbers ; BigEvilRacing - Numbers and Graphics ; Mas Graphics Racing - Logos ; NNRacing - Various numbers and logos ; Bullring - Br15 Mod ; GIMP Portable - Painting Software ; Sim Racing Design - Templates and Logos ; Paint.Net - Painting Software ; Racing Graphix, 4 Wide Designs - Miscellaneous items, Harris Decals - Various Number Concepts, and anyone who contributed directly to the making of these paints!
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Posted By: XuticX  
Thanks, glad you like it!
Posted By: ongias25  
This is also a standalone mod. These car sets are amazing I prefer fictional and I really really appreciate you sharing these!
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